What is the difference between a Hot Desk and a Dedicated Desk?

What is the difference between a Hot Desk and a Dedicated Desk?

Coworking is centred around creating a working environment which supports collaboration, openness, knowledge sharing, networking and innovation. It is a place where entrepreneurs and freelancers come to work for themselves but not by themselves.

Within a coworking space, you have the choice to work at your own dedicated desk or hot desk. But was is the difference? 

Dedicated Desk

Full time members at Digital Basecamp have their own dedicated desks which they call home. Their desk is their office and they can decorate their desks however they wish and are free to install as many monitors as they can fit on one desk!

A dedicated desk is most suited to those who need a full time professional work space every day of the week. The minimum commitment for a dedicated desk is one month. See our Coworking membership plans.

Hot Desk

Hot desks are flexible shared working stations available for our daily or weekly members. ‘Hot deskers’ can never guarantee if they will be sitting in the same seat or next to the same person each day. They must also clear their desk and cannot leave monitors or decorations behind at the end of the day.

Hot Desks are most suited to those who only need a work space on a flexible basis. Hot Desk members can use Digital Basecamp twice a week (or twice a year) and are only charged for the days the use our coworking space.

The Benefit of Coworking

Co-working is Flexible and Easy. The bonus of working within a co-working space such as Digital Basecamp is that you do not need to find or fit out a new office, commit to signing any long term leases or bother with any of the boring stuff that comes with having an office such as cleaners, power bills, building maintenance and everything else.

Basecamp welcomes you to join our community of like minded freelancers, techies, creatives and all round awesome people who are all working towards their summit of success.

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