Anna Steele: Accountant

Anna Steele: Accountant

Anna Steele is an Accountant, though at Rightway she is a Business Partner. She has been with RightWay for over three years now, previous to that she was an accountant with a firm in Taumarunui.

Before that she has a long and varied history including; shepherding, working for Maersk in Europe for three years, Fonterra in the South Island, teaching English as a Foreign Language and working and managing pubs in Dunedin and Auckland.

“I’ve lived all over NZ and in China, Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands and now, I’m back where I started in Rotorua. I’ve been living here for a couple of years now and absolutely LOVE IT!” Why did I want to work at Digital Basecamp?

Anna Steele

“I’m really lucky that I can work from anywhere in my role as Business Partner at RightWay , but it has become important to me to create some separation from home and work, be an adult, and go to work every day… although I might miss my slippers on the really cold days. As much as I loved working from home, I also wanted to meet new people as I love a yarn, and Digital Basecamp provides the same flexibility as home, minus the slippers, and people to have a kōrero with.”

“I get to meet up with my customers for check-ins and meetings quite often, and having access to a cool space with a professional boardroom has become really important. Digital Basecamp provides just that, as well as getting to share the work space with some amazing people.”