Joel Hensman: Agtech Senior Manager

Joel Hensman: Agtech Senior Manager


Born and raised in Hawke’s Bay, my wife Roz and and I moved to Rotorua 10 years ago for work and haven’t left! We have two kids and love to get out in the forest but unfortunately I don’t get to ride my mountain bike enough!

I am a Senior Manager within the agtech company Regen where I am tasked with business growth spanning our customer base, and our products and services.

“I love seeing farmers empowered to know they are doing things well. You don’t automatically think of effluent software as a way to reduce stress and lift farmer confidence but it is definitely a positive change and one I love enabling”

Joel Hensman

Prior to this role I had a farming career that turned into 6 years of farm advisory. Since then I have sold the work dogs and got a business card and enjoy working with a wide variety of farm businesses, including multiple Maori Trusts and Incorporations.

At Digital Basecamp I love the diversity of people and the range of perspectives to keep challenging your thinking. So much good can come from collaboration, especially now the rate of change is faster than anyone’s ability to learn. It’s an uplifting office space with a great community, and a good balance of work and social activities.