Josh Dillner: Freelance Developer & Graphic Designer

Josh Dillner: Freelance Developer & Graphic Designer

My wife and I moved to Rotorua from Auckland a couple of years ago because we were getting a bit sick of the daily Jafa grind and were keen to try out the lifestyle here. My parents live at Lake Tarawera, and we also have family in Tauranga and Whakatane, which is an added bonus.

When we first moved, I was contracting for a company that looked after UX and web design and development for Tourism New Zealand. Since then, I’ve picked up contracts with clients such as Warehouse Money, Toi Ohomai, PGG Wrightson, RaboDirect, Tui and Balance. However, I still really enjoy working with smaller businesses and organisations here in Rotorua to meet their needs and overcome challenges through my own business Southpaw Creative.

“My real passion is for custom development and web apps – I love to create things that make people’s lives easier, be it in education, business process improvement or social services.”

Josh Dillner

I love Digital Basecamp as it’s a chance to get out of the home office and hang out with like-minded people. It’s great being able to grab a coffee and chat about what projects are going on, or to drag a couple of other basecamp co-workers off for a gym session. I’m definitely looking forward to more opportunities for collaboration and social stuff as Basecamp grows!