About Us

Digital Basecamp is home to professionals and aspiring digital entrepreneurs from around the country and world. Established in 2017 as a sanctuary for digital nomads, remote working professionals
and work-from-home creatives. 

Basecamp offers both hot desking and dedicated desk options, complimentary coffee & tea, 90mbps/90mbps fibre, 40mbps/80mbps wifi, printing services and access to community events. 

Post COVID conditions have meant that the international flow of travelers and tourists has stopped, the global economy remains in flux and while our future is still uncertain, our renewed focus now is helping to shape the recovery of not only Aotearoa New Zealand but the world’s economy.

Join us!

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Hot Desking$35

9.00am – 5.00pm access

Monday – Friday

Advanced booking required

Desk 1500mm x 750mm

Ergonomic chair

Unlimited internet access

Printing facilities

Shared kitchen (tea, coffee, stove, espresso)

Meeting spaces (kitchen, lounge)

Discounted meeting rooms

Price excludes GST

Dedicated Desk$130

24/7 access

Desk 1500mm x 750mm

Ergonomic chair

Printing facilities

Shared kitchen (tea, coffee, stove, espresso)

Free access to meeting rooms

Unlimited internet access

Guests welcome

2x Showers

Parking available at extra cost

Price excludes GST

Meeting Room$50

$300 per day

Flexible configuration

Seats 10 people

10 chairs, 2 tables

Access to shared kitchen facilities

2 x HDTV (wall mounted)


Internet access for all guests

Discounted rate for hot deskers ($30 per hour)


Price excludes GST

High Speed Internet

We know how important a fast internet connection is. We have clocked speeds of 90mbps/90mbps fibre, 40mbps/80mbps wifi onsite. This along with an easy to use printer makes our space work ready as soon as you sit down.

Free Complimentary Coffee/Tea

You are welcome to have a nice cuppa and treat your guests to a drink. If you are really brave, we even have a beautiful espresso machine ready to bring out the ninja barista in you.

Bookable Meeting Rooms

Our full time members get free access to Digital Basecamp’s 2 meeting rooms which are both equipped with a whiteboard, Room 1 seats 4-5, Room 2 seats 10 and has 2 HTDVs.